Fuel For The Mind

Power of Psychology

Almost all of us are hindered by often minor psychological trauma which trip us up in the course of our daily lives. New psychological insights and practises can help free us from these traumas and abandon fear, anger, inhibitions and frustration. The released energies can power yourself onto a trajectory far more true to your core.

Mindfuelers is developing courses and primers that will help anyone move towards this greater freedom.

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What We Are Developing

DIY Psychology

Allowing you to apply the latest science to your situation

First Principles

Learn to deconstruct your assumptions into their elements

Your Mission

A very practical plan to help you set and achieve goals

Restore Balance to your Force

A modern psychological technique called EMDR restores the balance between the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex.

The limbic system has to do with our emotions, memory and autonomous (unconscious) responses. The prefrontal cortex is the seat of our consciousness. Clear that link and we enable better conscious control (from our prefrontal) over our emotions, memories and unconscious reactions. Plus we improve our connection between the physical and the mental realms and learn to listen to what comes from within. 

This balance reduces the impact of traumas but also of the more ancient, biological stress-causing reflexes: we can “reroute” our reflexes by practice and gain more control by becoming aware and responsive.

We are building a directory of professional and certified EMDR practitioners so that you can find a good start in your area.