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Psychological insights and practises can help you to stop worrying, to terminate trauma and to turn fear into freedom. Mindfuelers aims to help you use the latest in psychological science and transform yourself into a confident and competent human being.

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Do you live in a world where:

Things are rapidly changing and seem out of control, people are stressed and disconnected< and nobody seems to address the core issues of our times?

If you feel that a more connected, sustainable and rational society is part of the solution, then you’re aligned with our mission. We believe that only such a society can meet the combined challenges of climate change, artificial intelligence and globalization while also improving global standards of living.

What We Are Developing

DIY Psychology

Allowing you to apply the latest science to your situation


Fuel For Your Mind

Your Mission

Discover how cutting out your dead wood can help you set and achieve goals

Restore Balance to your Force

A modern psychological technique called EMDR restores the balance between the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex.

You may ask how that affects you. Understand then that the limbic system has to do with your emotions, memory and autonomous (unconscious) responses. The prefrontal cortex is the seat of your consciousness. Restore that balance and you enable better conscious control (from your prefrontal) over your emotions, memories and unconscious reactions. Plus you learn to listen to what comes from within. 

This balance reduces the impact of the more ancient, stress-causing reflexes: we can “reroute” our reflexes by practice and gain more control by becoming aware and responsive.

These insights and practices allow us to be calmer, learn better, manage stress, increase focus and improve our relationships and results. They allows us to function much better in these often stressful and demanding times.

Humanity itself also needs more such mindfuel in order to meet the challenges ahead. We need more common sense, more rationality, more empathy, more mindfulness. Join us now.